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  302 2-2-7 izumisaki naha okinawa      

  Hours   11:00-20:00 (Last appointment 7:00pm)
  Closed  Thursday

 098  835  3200

Okinawa Special

This treatment is customized to your mood and energy level. 
Pure Gettou essential oils refresh and soothe the body,
while helping to induce a state of total relaxation.      
 Gettou Special 100 min  11,000yen    
                                         20,000yen  (per couple) 

       Body   Facial    Pack   Herb Tea

     What's Gettou?

          Gettou is a Shell ginger(same family to ginger).                                            
And it's the most popular in Okinawa herb.
       It is called Sunnin, and used at the life  in Okinawa.
       It has oriental smell flower and leaf. 

      So, Okinawan use it frequently for cooking for example when we steam sticky rice or 
      some foods. 
     And recently, because the leaf has strong fiber, there are many products such as paper,
     cloth and so on which made from them.

      Plus, there are noodles and sweets made from the dough which is kneaded
     and added  some chopped Gettou leaf.
     It has healthy.
     Anyway, it is very familiar to okinawan.
     And Gettou is used as a repellant, deodorant, antifungal, and antibacterial.

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