couple massage okinawa naha


  302 2-2-7 izumisaki naha okinawa      

  Hours   11:00-20:00 (Last appointment 7:00pm)
  Closed  Thursday

 098  835  3200
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 Print out this map and take it with you..
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Driving Directions

*South on 58 towards NAHA Airport.

 *kumoji stoplight,turn LEFT.  Photo ← Click

 *Keep on going,for a while.

 *and then pass 6 stoplights,
  you can find a green building on LEFT.

 *SERENITY is on the third floor of the building

we are sorry we dont have any parking spaces. 
please use the street parking in the local area.

How to use car parking

After parking your car, you may not pay.
 when you go out,you have to pay.
 (you walk to pay machine and then insert coins.
  You can not use credit card.)

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