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  302 2-2-7 izumisaki naha okinawa      

  Hours   11:00-20:00 (Last appointment 7:00pm)
  Closed  Thursday

 098  835  3200

    Mommy & Little princess Specials

           Show your little princess the beauty of taking care &
           loving herselfby experiencing a relaxing day at SERENITY together. 
          Perfect time to bond and teach your little princess something she will never forget
   Mom&Little Princess (ages 6-12 years old)     
Facial&Body 60min. 8,000yen  (Price Is For Two)
             This service is performed in same rooms,side by side.
             and mom and Princess will receive their massages simultaneously 
             by two different female therapist working at the same time.

    Present for Little princess    
      What's ORIGAMI?
   Paper folding, or "Origami" is one of  Japan's unique traditional arts.
 It is the art of folding a sheet of paper into various figures such as birds,
 animals and many other things without using scissors or paste.
 Colored sheets of paper which are  cut in a square shape are used for this,
                                   and it has been a popular pastime among Japanese children

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